Haier Europe achieves ‘record growth’ in 2022, ‘despite all the headwinds’, says CEO

Haier has released its financial results for the 2022 fiscal year, reporting a year-on-year growth of 7.2 per cent, with sales revenue of €32.6 billion.

Despite challenges related to high inflation and slowing consumer demand, Haier Smart Home’s overseas market continued its double-digit growth, with a 10.3 per cent increase in turnover over 2021.

Haier Europe, with its headquarters in Italy, achieved sales revenue of €3.2 billion – an increase of approximately 20 per cent year-on-year.

Earlier this year, the brand was named Euromonitor’s Number One Global Major Appliances Brand for the 14th consecutive year.

In its latest report, Haier Europe said it is consolidating its leadership in the field of connectivity and IoT with “a clear and targeted winning strategy” for growth. The company has strengthened its high-end and ecosystem brand strategy with a focus on sustainability and energy-saving, generating revenue by meeting the needs of all target group consumers with their Candy, Hoover, and Haier brands.

And the end of last year, Haier Europe expanded its manufacturing footprint with a new dishwasher factory in Turkey, further strengthening the company’s product leadership in the washing sectors in both freestanding and built-in segments.

“I am proud of how we managed to achieve such an outstanding result,” said Yannick Fierling, CEO of Haier Europe. “Despite all the headwinds, Haier Europe keeps overperforming within the market. This further inspires us to strengthen our mission to drive the future of IoT ecosystems and connected scenarios and encourages us to deliver our vision to be the first consumer choice for smart home solutions.”

Haier Smart Home has also been listed as one of BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2022.