Radio Amplified: The Ruark R1S

Some think that radio is outdated, but in truth, it’s still very current and thriving, with recent polls showing
that radio for many is still their main form of entertainment during the day. Ruark recognises this fact, and takes this timeless medium to a new level with the beautiful R1S. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streamingalso built in, R1S is altogether a complete music system, that’s easily accommodated and capable of providing day-long entertainment.

With its subtle curves, elegant Mid Grey finish and composite wood hand-crafted grille, R1S exudes fresh
contemporary design. The grille material is created from sustainable woods, which are carefully spliced,
coloured, and recomposed to closely mimic the rich tones of slow growing hardwoods, without the ecological impact. The cabinet and grille blend perfectly with the trademark RotoDial controller and new colour display, to create a feel
that encapsulates the technical capabilities of R1S.

Radio has evolved and with catch-up services and podcasts now in the mix, the time has never been better to rediscover just how enjoyable this medium can be. With ts SmartRadio tuner, R1S allows access to stations worldwide and has a source dedicated to podcasts.

While the amount of content out there is vast, R1S’s search facility makes finding and saving easy thanks to its RotoDial controller or optional remote. Also available is a new control app called Oktiv. This provides control of most R1S functions and is great for quickly browsing stations and podcasts.
With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming built in the appeal of R1S is further enhanced. R1S directly supports Spotify Connect*, Amazon Music and Deezer, and with its Bluetooth 5 receiver, virtually every other service available. The Bluetooth function remembers up to six devices and provides excellent sound quality and efficiency, meaning minimal battery drain on battery powered devices.

Another notable feature of R1S is its full colour TFT display. This clearly shows time, alarm, and programme
information and on Wi-Fi sources, album, and station artwork, too. The light sensor automatically adjusts the screen to suit light levels, making it an ideal bedside companion. Other features include a USB-C charge and MP3 playback
port, headphone output, switchable line input and for those wanting portability, R1S is fully compatible with the optional BackPack 3 battery pack.

Most importantly, radio and streaming technologies are only truly enjoyable if they are matched with great sound and Ruark’s rich Hi-Fi heritage enables the brand to provide this. Powering R1S is a dynamic linear amplifier which
with adaptive equalisation provides a highly listenable sound at all volume levels. The latest NS+ driver in an optimised enclosure provides a smooth and extended frequency response with bass performance that belies its compact dimensions.

“As a kid the radio was always on in our home and as a teenager I fondly remember listening to Radio Caroline and every Sunday the Top 40 Chart Show. It was radio that nurtured my love of music and with the growing popularity of DAB in the early 00’s we saw this as an opportunity to use our audio expertise to design and build a ‘High-Fidelity’
radio. The result was our original R1 and this great little product took us in a new and exciting direction. Radio is still one of the greatest forms of entertainment available and R1S with streaming technologies included makes radio better than ever.” commented Alan O’Rourke, Managing Director, Ruark Audio.