Providing safe products for the UK marketplace

Although most products on the market are considered to be safe – some are not, which can lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. Most businesses want, and aim, to sell safe products but for various reasons, challenges occur that lead to mostly unintentional consequences. PAS 7050 is a safety standard that supports businesses with bringing safe products to market.

It is vital that all businesses involved in producing or selling products to consumers have a plan in place to ensure that products are safe, and to help mitigate the risk of costly repercussions and reputational damage from unsafe products. This is essential for businesses that want to have a sustainable safe product and satisfied customers.

The aim of PAS 7050 is to provide suggestions and recommendations on what this proactive product safety management plan may look like, and provides a more proactive focus with the aim of preventing unsafe products from reaching the market in the first place. This will help to protect consumers, prevent injuries and potentially save lives.

PAS 7050 provides simple, concise advice to businesses that want to bring safe products to market and the processes required to ensure this. Improving product safety and quality can be key in preventing product returns, injuries and – even worse – fatalities. This in turn is not only the right thing to do but can save businesses money. Understanding the requirements of PAS 7050 will help to reduce the probability of this happening

PAS 7050 training for businesses – The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is the professional body for the Trading Standards profession, and it provides a range of services to support businesses including training.

On behalf of the government department – The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) – CTSI is delivering a number of PAS 7050 training courses that will take place online and are free for businesses to attend. The training is aimed at manufacturers and distributors of electrical appliances, toys and consumer goods, including repaired, refurbished and second-hand goods, as well as importers and operators of online marketplaces.

This comprehensive and practical webinar is designed to raise awareness of PAS 7050 and PAS 7100, advising businesses on the value and importance of these documents and how they can be implemented within their existing business structure (regardless of size) and with support from Trading Standards.

There are several dates available for this free training; you can find more information and book your place HERE.

Businesses can download a free copy of PAS7050 standard HERE.