IFA 2023: Liebherr showcases new refrigeration technology

Liebherr presented its innovations at this year’s IFA under the motto, ‘Enter the circle of freshness’, this is its declared goal and the central theme of all of its innovations presented. 

In addition to circularity, which is a key part of its BluRoX technology concept, long-term energy efficiency plays an important role in the product it showed at IFA Berlin.

Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Liebherr, Steffan Nagel, said: “As a specialist in refrigeration and freezing in the premium segment, we aspire to be a leader in the development of sustainable and high-quality solutions in this field. ”

Liebherr gave specialist retailers an exclusive preview of its brand new range of undercounter appliances, including its newly launched portfolio of Vinidor wine tempering fridges.

Its explained that its new appliances also meet the five conditions for perfect wine storage: temperature, humidity, protection against UV rays, protection against foreign odours and vibration-free storage.

Vinidor wine tempering fridges have up to three individually adjustable temperature zones. The wooden shelves, which can be adapted to the sizes of the bottles, are also flexible.

Last year, Liebherr showed its BluRoX insulation technology, and this year it was once again an integral part of Liebherr’s IFA exhibit.

It explained how the raw material perlite inside its products, which is a finely ground lava stone, is available in almost unlimited quantities in nature. Once a BluRoX appliance has reached the end of its service life, the perlite can be removed completely and reused without the need for significant processing.

It showcased its fridge-freezer that is ten percent more efficient than appliances of the highest energy efficiency class, class A.

Liebherr displayed its product portfolio of extremely quiet appliances, marked as “UltraSilent”. Five of its fully integrated appliances have taken the title of the quietest Liebherr appliances of all time at just 27 dB.

It also revealed at the show, that all Liebherr fridges and freezers will either feature connectivity ex works or it will be possible to add this functionality to these appliances by retrofitting the SmartDeviceBox.

The product can be integrated into your existing smart home, it also has the feature of sending an “important status and alarm notification” sent directly to your phone – for example notification of an open fridge door via the door alarm.

The SmartDevice app can tell you where best to keep your groceries so that they stay fresh for longer. The app helps Liebherr customers to benefit from these technical refinements on a daily basis by improving energy efficiency and keeping their food as fresh for as long as possible.