Haier Europe boss at IFA 2023: ‘We are shaping the future of our society’

At IFA 2023, with the concept of “Connect to Extraordinary”, Haier Europe showcased its latest solutions and cutting-edge services that are shaping “the new era of living”, the brand said. It’s using IoT (Internet of Things) technology to create a whole range of smart and connected experiences to meet customers’ needs.

The IFA exhibition returned to Berlin on 1 September, and today (5 September) is the final day of the show.

Haier Europe’s CEO, Yannick Fierling, hosted a press conference at the show where he took the audience through the corporate strategy and latest developments that marked the company’s growth in recent years, as well as the new products and solutions that have led the company to be one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

“By designing the new era of living we are moving from creating products to designing experiences and scenarios,” he said. “We are not only making people’s daily life easier, but also shaping the future of our society.

“This is made possible by our deep understanding of customers’ needs, thanks to our ‘Zero distance to consumers’ philosophy that allows us to realise users’ needs earlier and better and to provide them with innovative products. This is our way to becoming the first consumer choice for smart home in the industry in Europe.”

Mr Fierling explained that thanks to Artificial Intelligence and new technologies, products from Haier, Hoover and Candy (the brands which make up the Haier Europe portfolio) can create home environments where living ecosystems develop a platform of integrated and all-encompassing services.

The company also aims to build a Home-Energy-Ecosystem that can manage the energy of an entire home according to smart grid, interconnecting domestic appliances, HVAC, and Solar and Photovoltaic systems, Mr Fierling also announced. Haier’s hOn app will orchestrate all the devices in the ecosystem. Haier Europe is targeting an energy-home-scenario by bringing a complete solution to help consumers monitor and reduce energy consumptions and related costs.

As a result, the company has recently launched Haier Nahui New Energy, the business unit dedicated to green energy; it plans to become a leading player in distributed smart energy solutions.

Mr Fierling also spoke about Haier’s “Zero distance to consumer” philosophy and how it encourages colleague entrepreneurship to create maximum value for customers and consumers, as well as co-creation and ecosystems among brands, users and partners, exploring and developing new scenarios and integrated experiences for consumers in the IoT era.

The Haier Europe Press Conference at IFA Berlin 2023 was filmed on the day and it’s now available to watch back here.