IFA 2023: Miele announces new product category and brings AI into the kitchen

Miele announced, at IFA Berlin 2023, that it will enter a new product category with its Miele Aerium, an appliance used for freshening up clothing and the introduction of AI into the kitchen.

Dr Reinhard Zinkann who is an Executive Director at Miele, unveiled the new cordless Duoflex HX1 stick vacuum cleaner, and explained that “this vacuum cleaner is far too attractive to be stowed away in a utility room.”

Its vacuum includes features that use the Miele app to display the Consumption Dashboard, which provides data to the consumer and tips on energy saving through its “AI Diagnostics” service tool – it revealed that it is due to be launched in the first quarter of 2024.

Miele also explained how it has further improved its G 7000 Series, revealing that it has sold almost one million units in a single year.

Dr Zinkann explained that additional programmes in its dishwasher are for thorough, energy-efficient and gentle cleaning in equal measure. In addition to this, the dishwasher baskets have undergone further development to securely accommodate reusable bottles and drinking straws for thorough cleaning.

It also announced the introduction of Smart Food ID which uses Artificial Intelligence to recognise dishes, through a camera in the oven, as the basis for selection of the suitable automatic programme – 30 recipes already belong to the system’s repertoire, and the number is growing steadily.

Dr Axel Kniehl who is Executive Director Marketing and Sale at Miele commented that its MealSync is “extremely practical”, the feature ensures that all the ingredients of a dish, whether cooked in a conventional or steam oven, are started to be finished and cooked to perfection at precisely the same time.

Dr Kniehl added “that those who like to cook and cook a lot know that this digital service will contribute to reducing stress levels and, as far as I am aware, this useful detail is only available from Miele.”