Liebherr Monolith Bottom Freezer Series wins Red Dot Award 2023

Liebherr announces it has been awarded a Red Dot Award for its Monolith Bottom Freezers, the range is customisable and can fit into any kitchen design.

The Monolith Bottom Freezers combine Liebherr’s innovation, technology with sleek and sophisticated design. It includes features such as; Liebherr’s patented BioFresh Plus technology that provides precise temperature regulation, PowerCooling that circulates cold air behind the door and a touchscreen panel that controls the temperature of the fridge-freezer.

Tim Hutchinson, Divisional Manager at Liebherr, said: “It is truly an honour to have the Monolith Bottom Freezer Series recognised by one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions.”

The model ECBN 9673, features French Doors that open completely silently and independently of each other, providing more space than a traditional one door refrigerator. The unique French Door gasket system ensures each door is always fully closed to save energy and keep the appliance at the right temperature.

The fridge-freezer can be connected to the home through Liebherr’s SmartDevice app, it allows homeowners to control the appliance from a smartphone or tablet, and receive alerts if the door is left open or if the power goes out.

“At Liebherr we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and design to bring the best to market and make our customers everyday lives easier,” added Mr Hutchinson.

The Monolith Bottom Freezers come in 30 and 36 inches, they are designed to enhance performance and heighten luxury in the kitchen without compromising on space. They also come with a built-in water dispenser, controllable interior side lighting and NoFrost freezer draws.