UK Government’s product safety revamp creates opportunities for safety innovation

The UK government is set to overhaul the UK product safety regime to provide better protection for the public and make it “fit for the digital age”.

Although, the announcement on 2 August of a new consultation period was greeted with a mixed response – given the lengthy amount of time allowed to lapse in reviewing options – the UK government does say it wants to develop a product safety regime that allows for “greater scope to innovate when producing safe products”.

This means there is no better time to get fresh ideas into the mix from innovators, designers, and divergent thinkers, in fact all those with forward-thinking approaches to product design and safety should now step forward as the UK regulatory shake-up begins in earnest.

An opportunity following the government’s plans is the Safety Innovation Award, hosted by Electrical Safety First and sponsored by Product IP, it showcases exceptional work and gives recognition for those showing commitment to improving electrical safety.

The deadline for entries for the 2023 Safety Innovation Award is 31 August as the cut-off date for submissions. The winner will be announced during the annual Electrical Product Safety Conference in November and will enjoy an opportunity to present their innovation to an audience of industry leaders, safety-minded professionals, and organisations dedicated to electrical safety and protecting consumers.

The award looks particularly for projects or innovations which can demonstrate ingenuity, creativity, and practicality.

Product safety is an industry which consistently produces incredible innovation, and this award showcases the groundbreaking projects and products which prioritise safety, as shown by its list of most recent winners.

In 2020, the “world’s smallest fire extinguisher” triumphed the ingenious E-Bulb, created by JOB Group, seamlessly integrates into electrical appliances and possesses the ability to extinguish internal fires before they even become visible.

The 2022 winners, Connected Innovations, created a smart socket device which is able to monitor the external environment and quickly shut off appliances if a build-up of heat is detected in the plugs and surrounding wiring.