Rangemaster donates cooker to charity hospital

Rangemaster has donated its new range cooker to the Lord Leycester Hospital, in Warwick, 165 years after it first supplied the 450 year-old site with a Kitchener stove.

The handover ceremony took place at the Lord Leycester in July. Iskender Diker, Commercial Director at Middleby Residential which is a part of Rangemaster, presented the Brethren with the Professional Deluxe 110cm induction range cooker and took part in the ceremonious blacking of the original stove.

Hamish Wood, Project Manager at Lord Leycester Hospital, said: “The historical significance of this donation cannot be overstated. The original Kitchener stove, acquired in July 1858, remains proudly on display in the Brethren’s Kitchen at the Lord Leycester, which has dutifully served innumerable meals since 1571.

“The stove tirelessly cooked meals for the Brethren residing at the Lord Leycester and was in constant use all year round. We are grateful to Rangemaster for allowing us to continue our much-needed hard work.”

The Lord Leycester is an independent charity that supports ex-servicemen, with the Hospital funded by visitor income. The ex-servicemen, Brethren and their wives help with the charity by acting as guides in return for accommodation.

Iskender Diker, Commercial Director at Middleby Residential, added: “Rangemaster is deeply honoured to contribute to the legacy of the Lord Leycester, a cherished Warwick treasure. As we supply the new Professional Deluxe, we also celebrate our longstanding heritage and the enduring craftsmanship that has defined our brand for over a century.

“We hope this modern range cooker will continue to foster warmth, community and delicious culinary experiences for generations to come.”