Hotpoint says there is a ‘common misconception that handwashing is more economical’

Hotpoint has announced the release of its new Hydroforce dishwasher and to coincide with this it has also conducted a survey, of over 2,000 UK households, to find the top five items people avoid putting in the dishwasher.

Its new Hydroforce dishwasher offers 10 per cent more capacity without taking up extra space and enables consumers energy savings of up to 40 per cent.

Dmitry Letsman, Dish Category Manager at Hotpoint, said: “With capacity and pre-soaking named as the key reasons Brits avoid dishwashers for, it is clear that dishwashers are not working hard enough to save us time.

“To combat this, we are bringing a market-first to the UK – a dishwasher that is big enough for large serving trays without taking up more space, and has a unique design enabling 80 per cent more waterpower, strong enough to remove even baked on food. This removes the need to pre-soak or re-wash dishes, so Brits can enjoy their Weetabix in peace.”

The dishwasher’s design with integrated spray jets in the third rack provide 100% cleaning coverage in every basket.

Hotpoint has also revealed in its survey the most annoying foods to wash. The most annoying foods to wash are breakfast classics like Weetabix and baked-on porridge causing the biggest chaos at the kitchen sink.

The survey also revealed the top reasons for not owning a dishwasher, which includes; 52 per cent said it is because of lack of space, 26 per cent said they could not afford one and 20 per cent said they didn’t because they wanted to save on energy.

“It is a common misconception that handwashing is more economical. A dishwasher actually uses less water and energy to heat it, so will save more resources in the long run, especially in busier households,” added Letsman.

Hotpoint has revealed that 38 per cent of people avoid putting prized items like wedding china in their dishwashers, 34 per cent hand wash their chopping boards and 26 per cent of people avoid putting utensils in their dishwashers.