Hisense unveils its PX2-PRO Cinema Projector

Hisense has announced it is launching its PX2-PRO Laser Cinema Projector, it is an upgrade from its predecessor and uses TriChroma Laser Technology to produce extraordinary colour definition and achieves 107 per cent of the BT2020 colour standard.  

One of its standout features is its clarity and colour accuracy which, it said, works to create an immersive experience that rivals traditional cinema. With peak brightness increasing from 2100 to 2400 Lumens, it produces a sharper picture with vibrant colours.

Product Manager at Hisense UK, Matthew Glynn, said: “We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our Laser Projection offering which marks a significant step forward in the world of home entertainment.

“We’re committed to pushing boundaries with our home entertainment tech and are always striving to provide our customers with innovation and excellence – which is exactly what the PX2-PRO represents.”

With its Digital Lens Focus the PX2-PRO delivers a 4K image in sizes ranging from 90 to 130 inches, giving viewers incredible picture quality for their favourite TV shows, movies, games and sports.

It also has three HDMI ports, allowing consumers to maximise their media set up. Another upgrade to the cinema projector is the change from Android to VIDAA U6, this means audiences can now access Netflix along with other content platforms.

The projector comes with built-in speakers and support for external audio systems.

The PX2-PRO truly redefines home entertainment and is the ultimate must-have for any movie and TV buffs looking for a home cinema solution.