RKW announces £100K green energy investment

RKW has announced it has invested £100,000 in green energy, as it looks to become more self-sufficient and introduce green energy to the company’s Stone Distribution Centre.

It explained that the solar panels will allow for the excess energy to be used during periods when the panels might not be as efficient, such as nighttime – it is expected to save over 18,000kg CO2 emissions per year.

RKW Managing Director Rob Sutton said; “It’s a great first step to take, and we will continue to find ways to decrease our carbon emissions through product updates, less packaging and green energy. Our decreased energy bills will allow us to pass savings onto our customers and will help us continue fulfilling our mission of providing high quality products for unbeatable value.”

It reported that its Distribution Centre will become 11 per cent more self-sufficient, allowing the company to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The brand has aims stretching to sourcing items responsibly and utilising sustainable and reusable materials whenever possible for a lower environmental impact, whilst ensuring its products use minimal energy without compromising on performance.