Hisense launches its 5S Series laundry collection

Hisense has announced the launch of its 5S Series laundry collection, the range includes smart washing and drying machines.

The manufacturer’s new product range come with the latest technology including; Auto Dosing, high-temperature steam and the appliances also comes with access to the ConnectLife App.

The new Hisense WF5S1045BW 5S Series washing machine will automatically choose the precise detergent of softener dosage according to the weight of the clothes in the drum. The machine can also hold and store up to 24 loads of detergent at a time.

Included in the range is the DH5S10 5S Series Dryer which comes with a high-pressure sensor, the machine can precisely monitor the temperature and rate of residual water constantly, ensuring a more efficient spin.

This dryer comes with a new “dry in under half the time” programme, where you can save both time and energy within just 30 minutes.  It is also able to sense the dryness of the clothes, if they are not taken out of the drum within 15 minutes, the drum will stop heating and tumbling intermittently, stopping every five minutes – this prevents the clothes from staying in the same position for too long and causing wrinkles.

The WD5S1045BW 5S Series Washer and Dryer, is also in the collection, the smaller machine offers a 2-in-1 solution in half the space.

The machine includes multiple fast-washing programmes as well as being able to remove bacteria through drum clean and soapbox clean, and the Pure Jet function can wash away stains on the door and bellow, which is made from a sterile material.