Shhh… Over 60 low-noise Bosch appliances have been awarded Quiet Mark status

Bosch Home Appliances has announced that over 60 of its appliances have been awarded Quiet Mark status. Quiet Mark is on a mission to make our homes calmer and quieter with its ‘Quiet Revolution’. Its distinctive purple Quiet Mark is awarded to the quietest appliances on the market, empowering consumers to choose products that will make less impact on their homes and lives. And now, a range of Bosch extractors, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and fridge-freezers have all been given the Quiet Mark certification.

Excessive noise can increase stress levels, disturb sleep, reduce productivity, impede health recovery and impair relationships. As we spend more time living and working at home, the need for quieter technology has become a priority. It’s no wonder that a Quiet Mark poll of 2000 UK adults found that 82% expressed a desire to make appliances in their home quieter, and 79% consider a product’s noise level when purchasing.

Bosch Quiet Mark appliances include the Series 6 DWK97JQ60B cooker hood, which operates at just 65dB (decibels), the Series 6 SMD6EDX57G dishwasher, which runs at 42dB, and the Series 4 WGG04409GB washing machine that spins at 71dB. Considering that normal conversation takes place at around 60dB, it’s easy to understand how these noise-conscious products can help minimise sound pollution and promote a calmer and happier home.

Lucy Bye, Bosch Marketing Manager, said: “So far, over 60 of our large domestic products have been certified with Quiet Mark status, meaning they are the quietest appliances available in our product categories. This is great news for consumers, as they will now see the Quiet Mark certification on our products when shopping, giving them peace of mind that noise won’t be an issue. Appliances that deliver consistently excellent results with minimal noise output is something we’re extremely proud of at Bosch and we look forward to working with Quiet Mark to further demonstrate this.”