Swan’s new Alexa Kettle will be ‘a game-changer for so many’, brand says

At the heart of any kitchen, the iconic kettle can now be controlled by voice, using any device – all with Swan’s first “out the box” kettle with Alexa!

From the simple task of turning the kettle on, through to changing the temperature of the water, or simply asking Alexa to keep the water warm, this technological evolution and advancement in modernising this most traditional of routines “will be a total game-changer for so many”, the brand said.

The kettle can be activated remotely to boil water to the desired temperature the moment a homeowner walks in the door and at any time, in any room, via the Alexa device.

Designed to fit with the user’s schedule, the kettle can also be activated using favourite phrases and programmed to boil based on routine. A breakfast, mid-morning and afternoon routine could be programmed, for example.

The Alexa app will also advise users when water is running low and a refill is required, plus highlight the number of boils left until the next descale is required.

For many consumers, the Swan Alexa Kettle – which comes with a two-year guarantee – will deliver a welcome practicality: For heating a baby’s bottle to a specific temperature and not having to wait for it to cool down; to keep a full kettle heated for when guests are visiting to top-up drinks; and preparing herbal teas and serving at a recommended temperature.

The energy efficient solution for the future of hot drinks… by programming the temperature ‘boil’, users are able to manage exacting amounts of energy usage: an 85 degree boil for a traditional cup of tea, a 90 degree boil recommended for a coffee and there is even the option to boil-up at 60 degrees (or less) to loosen a jar of honey.

With its cordless base (including cord storage) and dry boil protection with automatic cut-off, there’s no need to worry about safety or cluttering in the kitchen. The Alexa Kettle – fashioned with a black gloss finish and digital touch panel controls – conveniently also has a removable, washable scale filter for easy cleaning, prolonging the kettle through a lifetime of daily use. Its stainless steel inner ensures durability and a 1.5L capacity makes eight to 10 cups from just one boil.