Bluestem Group announces introduction of products from Igenix and Statesman

Bluestem Group has announced it has introduced Igenix’s IGHA02236S 3-Tiered Heated Airer and IGHA01220S Winged Heated Airer, as well as Stateman’s Chilled Draught Beer Dispenser.

The Statesman Beer Dispenser comes in black and stainless-steel colour combination, making it a stylish addition to any modern home or garden. The LED temperature display allows users to monitor the keg’s temperature.

The Beer Dispenser is compatible with five litre universal and pre-carbonated kegs, the built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures beer remains refreshingly chilled – giving consumers the freedom to savour their favourite beverages at their own pace.

It can also set the keg’s temperature between 2-12°C and enhance the cooling process with up to 800ml of cold water, beer aficionados can now indulge in the perfect pour, tailored to their preferences.

Igenix claims its IGHA01220S Winged Heated Airer is a game-changer in laundry solutions.

Statesman understands that not every consumer is a beer enthusiast. Therefore, the Beer Dispenser has been crafted to be compatible with wine and prosecco kegs as well, catering to a diverse range of thirsts and preferences.

It includes a set of three 16g CO2 cannisters with the Beer Dispenser, providing all that is needed to install a keg of choice and start pouring.

Igenix’s IGHA01220S Winged Heated Airer and its IGHA02236S 3-Tiered Heated Airer offers consumers convenient solutions to dry their clothes.

Its IGHA01220S Winged Heated Airer include features such as being; compact and lightweight for easy storage and setup, its quick heat-up ensures faster drying times and it has adjustable wings for up to 12 metres of drying space or compact folding for smaller loads – it also includes cover traps for energy-efficient drying.

Igneix explained that it understands the importance of practical and eco-friendly solutions for our customers, IGHA01220S Winged Heated Airer embodies their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Igenix presents the IGHA02236S 3-Tiered Heated Airer, a laundry solution for modern households.

Igenix’s IGHA02236S 3-Tiered Heated Airer offers a range of features such as; 30kg capacity with over 20 metres of drying space, built-in digital display for precise temperature control and a nine hour shut-offer timer and a mesh shelf for drying smaller items.

Igneix said its dedication to creating innovative and sustainable home solutions drives our product development. The IGHA02236S 3-Tiered Heated Airer showcases our commitment to elevating the laundry experience.