Sirius Buying Group reveals that energy efficiency is ‘the number one priority’ for consumers

Sirius Buying Group has revealed that in the electrical appliance and kitchen retail sector, energy efficiency is the number one priority when fitting out the kitchen and utility room.

The latest appliances cater to end-users at all price points as the market reflects a new appreciation of individual lifestyles and life stages, sustainable features are becoming an integral part of product development and consumer choice.

Steve Jones, Managing Director at Sirius Buying Group, said: “Ahead of the Autumn Statement, our latest field data shows that homeowners are keen to learn more about the latest technological advancements when upgrading their appliances so that they manage their energy use.

Steve Jones Managing Director at Sirius Buying Group.

“Independent retailers need to anticipate this in the sales conversation with clear evidence which conveys how efficient a product will be over its lifespan as well as being open about aftersales when it comes to the replacement market and spare parts. We have a duty of care to help consumers understand the raft of features and benefits available so that they can make the best use of their budget and open their eyes to new possibilities.”

Mark Veysey, Head of Operations at Sirius Buying Group commented: “The Government’s energy efficiency campaign for businesses is also a big story, and as dynamic and responsive entrepreneurs, we encourage all Sirius Members to consider what financial support might be available to them.

“We encourage them to see how they can cherry-pick official advice to support their objectives for 2023-4 to enhance profitability. For example, exploring new LED lighting solutions in the showroom, changing broadband suppliers, upgrading dated software, monitoring and adjusting heating or looking into using an electric vehicle fleet.”

Making the most effective use of resources in terms of time, space and utility is a natural extension of both the retail skillset and with this in mind, Sirius Buying Group will be extending a warm welcome to members at its Autumn Trade Show at the Marshall Arena, in Milton Keynes on October 1-2.

Marion Morton, Head of Commercial at Sirius Buying Group “We are excited to be putting the finishing touches to a great package of events over two days so that approved suppliers and members can enjoy exclusive deals on the latest products and enjoy peer-to-peer networking.”