4lite launches multi-purpose LED portable table lamp

Leading lighting manufacturer 4lite has added a new indoor-outdoor LED portable table lamp to its collection, offering choice and flexibility for customers.

Cordless and lightweight, the lamp can easily be carried between different settings in the home. Its classic design comes  in matte black or matte white, while its IP54 rating means it is perfectly suited for outside spaces too, making it ideal for the summer months.

With more than 256 colours to choose from by a simple touch control on the top of the lamp, it can be customised to create a huge variety of tones and atmospheres. And, the touch-dimmable option on the white light allows fingertip control of intensity and brightness.

Simplicity is key with the 4lite portable LED table lamp. The integrated LED means no bulbs or replacements are required and the lamp is ready to ‘plug-and-play’ straight from the box, with recharging via a USB cable that is included, making the lamp totally hassle-free. Once fully charged, the lamp provides between four and six hours of continuous use on warm white and up to 12 hours on RGB.

Katie Georgeson, Marketing Manager at 4lite said: “The beauty of the LED portable table lamp is that a customer could leave their home workspace at the end of the day and head outdoors to the garden, simply carrying the lamp along with them, making it an ideal companion.

“They can alter the ambience of any indoor or outdoor space in a matter of seconds to match the change in mood.”

She added: “Its elegant design belies the lamp’s robustness, which is why we are happy to offer it complete with a four-year warranty.”