Samsung launches Bespoke Jet AI vacuum

Samsung has announced the launch of the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI, the company’s “most powerful cordless stick vacuum yet” with up to 280W of suction power, a self-emptying enhanced All-in-One Clean Station™ and artificial intelligence (AI)-based functionality.

The Bespoke Jet™ AI features Samsung’s HexaJet Motor which, with up to 280W of suction power and a maximum consumption power of 730W, makes it Samsung’s most powerful vacuum motor to date, the company says. In addition, it offers up to 100 minutes of usage, which Samsung says is the longest single battery runtime of any of its cordless stick vacuum.

It also features a selection of brushes and other accessories. The Active Dual Brush offers efficient cleaning on all types of floors and built-in LED lighting to highlight dust in dark spots, while the Slim LED Brush+ features a highly maneuverable design as well as LED lighting in order to effectively clean trickier areas. For more convenient storage of the device and its brushes, it also comes with an Accessory Cradle.

According to Samsung, its new vacuum is the first cordless stick model to feature an AI verification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organisation. Its AI Cleaning Mode allows it to determine floor type in order to provide both optimised cleaning and maximum battery efficiency.

In addition to the Bespoke Jet™ AI’s AI Cleaning Mode, SmartThings and Smart Wi-Fi connectivity let users customise their vacuum and its functions while maintaining peak performance through the smart self-diagnosis function, providing more effective cleaning experiences.

Finally, the Bespoke Jet™ AI’s upgraded All-in-One Clean Station™ uses Air Pulse technology to automatically empty the dustbin for quicker and more hygienic cleaning. When the dustbin is being emptied, Air Spin Edge technology spins the Spinning Cyclone at a blade rate of up to 1,000 RPM to drain waste, including any remaining hair that may be stuck in the dustbin’s grille, Samsung says.

The Bespoke Jet™ AI is available in Satin Black in the UK and will be available for pre-order from June.