New HYDROC1 Carpet Cleaner from Ewbank packs a punch!

The latest launch from British heritage brand, Ewbank, is the HYDROC1 Carpet Cleaner, available exclusively from Bluestem Group.

This is an expansion to the existing HYDRO range which already includes the HYDROH1 Wet and Dry Vac and Hard Floor Cleaner.

Getting rid of stubborn dirt and stains in the carpet is nice and easy as the HYDROC1 Carpet Cleaner features a 1.6L clean water tank and 1.8L dirty water tank; it effectively cleans deep into pile on carpets and rugs to help leave a spotless finish.

Dual Water Tank Technology in the HYDROC1 keeps the clean and dirty water separate, making it easier for the user when cleaning and emptying.

Easy to manoeuvre around the home at only 5.7kg, with its release trigger to dispense clean water or carpet cleaning solution easily onto your floor, and built-in cable storage, Ewbank’s carpet cleaner is entirely user-friendly.