Liebherr launches a new collection of wine fridges

Adding to its existing portfolio of wine fridges, Liebherr introduces its next generation of GranduCru models.

Transcending the requirements of wine connoisseurs in terms of storing and tempering, Liebherr’s wine fridges offer optimal long-term protective storage conditions, preserving the essence of every bottle and allowing customers to enjoy wine the way the winemaker intended.

Key features of the GranduCru models include:

Odour Prevention

Charcoal filters ensure a constant supply of fresh air helping neutralise foreign odours, preventing any change in taste. The appliance gives a reminder to change the filter every six months.

Vibration-free Storage

Thanks to a holistic vibration-insulated cooling system, wine is allowed to mature undisturbed.

UV Protection

Preventing unfavourable ageing processes from taking place, Liebherr’s glass door models have unique triple-layered tinted UV-protective glass and a double layer of vacuum-deposited metal.

Correct Humidity

Ensuring supple corks, HumidityControl features can be used to adjust the humidity individually per section – this ranges from 50% to 80% RH* and constantly displays the actual value. If the value falls below 50% RH*, the appliance indicates this.

Constant Temperature

Protecting the wine’s character, Liebherr fridges provided double temperature protection thanks to TempProtect Plus, monitoring via two sensors, giving double assurance wine is protected from temperature fluctuations.


German engineering at its best, Liebherr’s new wine fridges are designed to be as quiet and as efficient as possible. The improved glass door models are in energy efficiency class F and the solid door models are in the even more efficient class E.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, the neck-to-neck storage can now hold up to 284 bottles safely with easy access.