Loewe announces retail partnership with Euronics

Audio and visual products from Loewe will now be available in Euronics stores across the UK, after a new partnership was announced this week.

The luxury German technology brand has joined up with CIH, part of Euronics, as it continues a successful drive to secure more retail partners. Its TV and audio products will be stocked in the buying group’s 600+ UK electrical stores and online.

We.HEAR 2 speaker

Loewe’s range includes We.SEE and bild TVs and award-winning klang and We.HEAR speakers and soundbars.

Both companies said they are aligned in their commitment to supporting customers in the best way possible. Loewe’s team of Account Managers and AV experts assists customers through the entirety of their purchase journey, while Euronics dealers are known for supporting their local communities – their stores are run by product experts offering advice and helping to match the right product to suit a customer’s needs.

Commenting on the partnership, Alan Whyte, Managing Director of Loewe UK, said: “I am thrilled to announce this brilliant partnership with CIH; its ethos and values are what attracted us and, given the company’s impressive range of stores nationwide, I believe this partnership will benefit both parties enormously going forward.”

The new iconic TV

Paul Tyler, CEO of CIH, added: “We’re delighted to work with Loewe in the UK. A company with such rich history and heritage boasting a product line stacked with versatility and quality is well placed to belong in our stores. I am truly excited by this partnership and I look forward to our customers experiencing the delights of Loewe’s premium AV range.”

The news comes as Loewe is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year; the company’s founders, Siegmund and David Loewe, pioneered the integrated circuit as well as television and radio broadcasting in 1923. Loewe’s high-end flagship TV, the iconic, was announced last year and will be available to purchase later in 2023.