Hisense explains how its Mini-LED is revolutionising home cinema

Hisense has explained its technology inside its Mini-LED TV range and how this technology will help it achieve its plans to dominate the TV world.

Its Mini-LED TV screens uses tiny lights with each one able to be controlled independently, meaning they can deliver a precise image with accurate and deeper colours – Mini LED technology uses thousands of tiny pixels to provide a much cleaner, crisp and realistic picture quality.

One of the key features of Mini-LED technology is its ability to deliver local dimming, which allows the TV to adjust the brightness of specific areas of the screen independently and deliver a more precise picture because of the increased number of LEDs – this means that dark scenes remain truly dark, with reduced blooming.

Mini-LED technology brings depth to your viewing experience, the precise control over lighting translates to stunning contrast. Deep blacks, alongside vibrant whites, create a visual spectacle that draws you into the on-screen world, Mini-LED also makes colours vivid and accurate.

In addition to this, Mini-LED technology also contributes to the aesthetics of your TV. The miniature size of the LEDs allows for slimmer designs, resulting in TVs that are sleeker and more stylish.

The U7K Series features Mini-LED technology that delivers detailed, life-like images with an upgraded 144Hz panel, as well as powerful and unparalleled sound with its 2.1 channel speaker system with a built-in subwoofer.

If your customers are hosting a movie night, catching the latest game, or relaxing with their favourite series, a Hisense Mini-LED TV promises to deliver a visual journey like no other.