Haier Cube Series

Key call outs:

  • Fitted with Haier’s innovative Fresher Techs
  • Stylish Stainless-Steel colour
  • Total No Frost technology
  • A++ energy efficiency rating
  • Humidity Zone – for keeping your fruit and vegetables fresher for twice as long


Summary of innovative technology:

  • Haier Fresher Techs®: Fresher Techs® are the innovative technologies exclusively created by Haier that have been designed with one objective: keeping your foods fresher & tastier for longer.
    • Humidity Zone – up to 90% humidity for fruit and vegetables

Keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and save money on replacing items. Haier’s Moist Zone keeps the humidity within the compartment at an optimum 90%, which helps to maintain their nutritional content.

  • Dry Zone – Low humidity for fresh meat, fish or dairy

The Dry Zone maintains low humidity. This creates an optimal environment to store foods such as cheese and meat, helping to keep food fresher for longer and preserve their nutritional content. Saving you money on replacing items.

  • DYNAMIC ABT® – neutralises 99.8% of bacteria to maintain freshness and remove bad odours

Haier’s exclusive ABT® (Anti-Bacterial Treatment) uses ultraviolet light to prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria in the refrigerator’s air flow. This helps to preserve the taste of your food, prevent bad odours, improve fridge hygiene and protect the health of you and your family

  • Switch Zone: a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer (from -18°C to +5°C)

The Switch Zone is a unique and ultra-flexible compartment that can operate as a refrigerator or a freezer. You can regulate the area temperature from -18°C to +5°C according to your needs. It’s like having an extra fridge or freezer!

  • Trilogic Cooling System – three separate air flows for precise temperature control to keep food fresher for longer
  • Daylight Tower LED – illuminates the entire space to provide perfect visibility throughout

Haier’s Daylight uses LEDs to provide your fridge with a much brighter and more intense light than you find in other fridges. Daylight illuminates the entire space inside your fridge to provide you with perfect visibility when restocking or removing items.

  • Proximity sensor – The external digital display control panel illuminates when user approaches the fridge freezer
  • Inverter compressor – Improves cooling performance and efficiency to keep food fresher for longer while saving energy. With fewer moving parts noise level is minimised to a whisper quiet, perfect for open plan living.


Summary of features:

  • Energy class: A++ (uses up to 40% less energy than an A rated model)
  • Total net capacity: 610 litres
    • Fridge: 430 litres (total of 520 Litres with SWITCHZONE utilised as fridge)
    • Freezer: 180 litres (90 Litres when SWITCHZONE is utilised as fridge)
  • Noise output: 40dB
  • Super Cooling: An intelligent function that can be used to cool a large amount of food in your fridge. Keep your newly purchased food at the right temperature right from the start, to help preserve nutrients and freshness.
  • Super freezing
  • Holiday mode
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 190 x 90.8 x 73.8cm
  • RRP: £1,299.99