Exertis Highlights Progress with its Innovative Sustainability Initiatives

Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products for the B2B, enterprise, mobile and retail markets highlighted today, World Environment Day, some of the initiatives it has undertaken to continue its drive to improving business sustainability.


World Environment Day, celebrated every 5th June, is one of the biggest events recognising how people and organisations can help protect the planet from different environmental challenges such as plastic and air pollution.


Alan Lynch, Exertis, global logistics director, said, “Sustainability is a key focus for Exertis and the business has been working on projects across the Group with third party suppliers, vendors and customers to optimise packaging, reduce material waste, support the circular economy and increase our dropship services. By developing innovative solutions, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but positively impact the environment.”


Key initiatives include:


  • Working in partnership with Macfarlane Packaging, a major supplier of packaging. The first phase of the project has seen Exertis reduce the stretch wrap and pallet top sheets material by 24 per cent – a total of 18 tonnes of plastic material at its three logistic centres in the UK. This equates to 45 tonnes of CO₂e emission reduction in the plastic material process* – equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 112,838 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. The second phase of the project is underway and initial findings predict removal of a further 19 tonnes of plastic material – reducing material manufacturing* CO₂e emissions by 36 tonnes. The third stage will see the process implemented across other Exertis facilities across Europe.


  • Redesign of packaging for own brand products at Hypertec₁, eliminating plastic and using recyclable materials.


  • Reducing the size of packaging, removing single-use plastic, using more sustainable and eco-friendly materials and educating the end user on recycling at Kondor. With O2, Kondor estimated that removing SUP from the mobile network operator’s branded accessories packaging will have saved over 974kg of plastic in the first year alone – equivalent to the weight of nearly 6,000 iPhone x devices.


  • Supporting the circular economy with the refurbishment and repair of mobile devices at MTR₂. As a second-lifecycle solutions provider, the business offers a range of refurbished handsets as well as a selection of repair services.


  • Increasing its drop ship services to retailers and resellers, thereby cutting down the amount of time goods have to be moved. Exertis has increased its service in the UK by 73 per cent (March to May YOY), delivering more than 611,000 units.

*CO₂e is calculated on UK government material manufacturing averages