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You can view the October digital issue of ERT here.

Editor’s comment: The end (of the year) is nigh

Welcome to the October issue of ERT! You’ll read this month some interesting news about last month’s sales figures and how consumers appear to have started their Christmas shopping early… Firstly, the British Retail Consortium is actively encouraging this, which we’ll come back to in a moment.

But secondly… Christmas shopping?! Doesn’t it feel a tad too early? Then again, I’m one of those useless people that runs around on 23 December without any gift ideas just grabbing what’s left on the shop shelves. Every year. I never learn my lesson.

But where has this year gone?! In a strange way it has felt incredibly long and arduous, yet at the same time it’s gone past quick as a flash. I feel summer is only just over. And this is an opinion shared by a lot of people I’ve spoken to recently, that and the fact we are all hoping 2021 will be a better year than 2020. But that’s a given, right?

So the BRC is calling on consumers to start their Christmas shopping early in an attempt to curb the festive frenzy we usually see during November and December and to help keep everyone safe while social distancing measures and other restrictions are in place.

I think it’s a good idea and retailers can benefit from increased spending earlier on (like now) but they can also take the time to really help customers find the right product and perhaps upsell to something alternative. After all, now is the time to encourage them to part with their cash as it seems consumers, in general, are feeling flush at the moment thanks to the lockdown – as evidenced by soaring sales of home appliances and electronics recently.

The question is, will Black Friday be the same this year? With such an influx of activity back in June and July when shops reopened, have consumers perhaps already invested in what they needed for their homes? Will anyone be waiting specifically for Black Friday after the year we’ve had? Or do people strongly believe they can still bag themselves a bargain? I guess we’ll know the answers soon enough.

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Jack Cheeseman – Editor –

You can view the October digital issue of ERT here.