Liebherr’s quiet revolution

The demand for quiet appliances continues to soar as the kitchen remains the focal point of the home. As more time is spent entertaining within households, consumers have become more aware of how loud and distracting their appliances can be.

According to a QuietMark survey, over half of Brits would like their home to be quieter, with a further 62 per cent drawn towards quieter appliances.

German manufacturer Liebherr is reminding consumers about its range of QuietMark certified refrigeration appliances. Its BluPerformance technology significantly reduces the sound output with the advanced technology being integrated into the appliance plinth (or base) – reducing sound and giving consumers even more space within their appliances.

Tim Hutchinson, Divisional Manager at Liebherr, said that whilst sound is invisible, it is not overlooked by the brand by any means.

“The perception of sound by people has changed and many are now much more sensitive to noise. It is this shift in consumer behaviour that has shown us that noise is top of the agenda when shopping for appliances, alongside smart technology, financial savings and environmental impact.

“Through our dedicated research and development, we’re proud to be leading the industry in silent innovation and it is something we are continuously investing in to make our appliances as quiet as possible.”

Liebherr’s engineers and developers subject all appliances to rigorous testing in state-of-the-art sound measuring rooms to locate the source of the noise. This data is then used to take appropriate measures to aid in reducing the sound output.

The manufacturer uses speed controlled compressors in its appliances which run, on average, between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm in standard operating mode, while conventional compressors are usually operated around 3,000 rpm.

Similarly, speed-controlled fans are also used, but they still ensure that the temperature in the refrigerator is distributed evenly and remains constant.

Lastly, Liebherr’s R600a Coolant – achieves the same cool temperature as previous coolants with a lower pressure. The cooling circuit thus uses less energy, which minimises noise.