LG offers 20-year warranty on new Centum fridges

LG has announced an industry-first 20-year compressor warranty on its Centum System refrigerator at the recent Innofest Europe 2016 event in Budapest.

The warranty covers the refrigerator’s compressor, which include features that LG said adds to its durability, enabling it to last for more than two decades.

The Inverter Linear compressor is said to create less friction, which leads to better reliability and durability, while producing 25 per cent less noise.

The compressor also helps to reduce energy consumption by up to 32 per cent making it more environmentally friendly and achieving an A+++ energy rating.

“LG has long worked to develop a refrigerator that is both eco-friendly and highly dependable, and the Centum System refrigerator is the culmination of our efforts,” said Jo Seong-jin, chief executive and president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company. “We believe that the release of our cutting-edge premium Centum System refrigerators will help add to LG’s long-standing leadership in the global premium refrigerator market.”

The company also announced it will be releasing another model later in the year that will boast “market-leading efficiency” in the European side-by-side refrigerator category.

LG also offers a 20-year warranty on the direct drive motor used in its Centum washing machines, unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2015.