Beko supports International Repair Day

Beko has announced it is supporting International Repair Day, by encouraging its customers to repair instead of replace products wherever possible.

In line with the theme of the day, “repair for everyone,” Beko is supporting this international event by ensuring all its customers are familiar with the brand’s commitment to simplifying any repair needs – it is also offering a dedicated repair service which is design to help keep customer’s appliances in use for longer.

Beko’s Head of Sustainability and Quality, Steve Clarke, said: “We never promote throwaway purchases, but rather encourage customers to extend the lifespan of their products wherever possible.

“Our dedicated team of engineers are available nationwide, making the repair process as smooth and simple as possible, and our reasonable one-off payments and 30-day guarantee means that they are actually accessible to all consumers’’.

By using the service Beko customers can benefit from fixed one-off payments, that are priced according to the appliance they are seeking repair for. In addition to this, the brand offers a 30-day guarantee on all repairs.

If call-backs are necessary within this period, they will be free of charge, reassuring customers that repairs with Beko are both affordable and accessible.

Repairing and extending the life of a machine is significantly better for the environment in comparison to purchasing a new appliance, which is why promoting accessible repairs is so important to the brand.