Audio Pro expands global distribution with five new partnerships

Audio Pro has announced it is investing in five new distributor partnerships in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India and Singapore.

In the UK, it has partnered with Go10 and in the Middle East it has expanded into the United Arab Emirates, with new distribution partner Qualia General Trading.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro explains; “In these challenging times, many people use the precautionary principle to sit still and await better times. But we believe that, on the contrary, now is the right time to act for the future.

“We believe the foundation we are creating now is something we can benefit from when the tide turns. Then we are ready to go and can get off to a flying start.”

In Australia and New Zealand, Audio Pro is partnering with Westan Group, which has an extensive product portfolio, and will aid the manufacturer with market knowledge in both countries.

The distributor commented that when India passed China as the largest country by population in April, it coincidentally signed an agreement with Indian distributor Alphatec.

Mr Henriksen said: “Yes, it’s a bit funny that the start of our collaboration coincided so well with this event. A coincidence for sure, but it certainly feels good to finally be able to enter such a large market.

“The consumption trend here is really in a favourable position, with a large and growing percentage of the population looking for consumer electronics. We and our distributor are convinced our products are well suited for this market.”

Audio Pro has started working with Ban Leong Technologies in Singapore, who have 30 years of experience in the technology sector and will be able to assist Audio Pro with strong regional market knowledge.

The manufacture outlined further plans to continue its global expansion with yet more distribution partners in the future.