AMDEA calls for more registration of second-hand appliances

Register My Appliance Week: 23-27 January 2023

The cost-of-living crisis is driving more Brits to consider buying second-hand large domestic appliances, but only one in five are taking the extra step of registering that appliance with the manufacturer before installing it.

This is according to a new survey carried out by The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), which shows that a significant surge in people are thinking about buying a second-hand large appliance, due to the current increasing cost-of-living.  Now one in four (25 per cent) of people say they are likely to consider buying a second-hand appliance online, compared to just one in six (16 per cent) four years ago. For Millennials, 37 per cent are now likely to buy pre-loved online, with the over 55s least likely at 12 per cent.

But marking the start of Register My Appliance Week this week (23-27 January) – #regmyAppliance2023 – AMDEA has warned that people are missing out on a free and easy way to help ensure the safety of their homes by failing to register home appliances – both new and second-hand – via

“Saving money” was the principal motivator for buying previously used items; when asked their reasons for considering it at any point in future, 70 per cent said to save money and 39 per cent because it would be the only way to afford to replace an essential appliance.

By far the most popular place to make a purchase was online marketplaces (60 per cent), again with Millennials (71 per cent) the most eager. Second-hand or charity shops (45 per cent) were also commonplace locations to look.

But when respondents were asked what they would do before installing or ‘adopting’ a second-hand appliance, only 20 per cent said they would register the machine with the manufacturer in case of a recall. This is despite most manufacturers enabling simple and easy registration of older appliances.

AMDEA CEO, Paul Hide, said that buying second-hand may be a tempting route to cut costs, but registering these pre-loved appliances will avoid skimping on safety…

“We urge anyone with an old or new appliance to register so they can be contacted in case of any safety notifications, repairs or recalls. Most manufacturers accept registrations of machines up to 12 years old, and there’s no need for a proof of purchase. It’s completely free and easy to do – it’s a win-win for keeping your home safe and possibly increasing the life span of your machine.”

Register My Appliance is a web portal developed by AMDEA to improve ownership data by making it quicker and easier for householders to register old and new appliances from over 60 of the nation’s leading brands. There are also handy tips to guide the user through finding the important model details, meaning all the user needs to supply is their name and address. This data then goes directly to the manufacturer for use exclusively in case of a recall.