The new I-Pro Series 7 Plus tumble dryer from Haier

Haier has released the I-Pro Series 7 Plus Tumble Dryer, an appliance ready to bring drying into a new era by giving effective results while respecting the fabrics. Performance, and efficiency merge together, providing a new experience that brings professional results at home to match customers’ needs.

Indeed, this tailor-made tumble dryer is able to unite maximum performance, energy and water saving (thanks to its A+++ energy class rating) and Super Silent care for clothes at only 59 dB!

The I-Refresh function works adjusting the temperature and the duration of each cycle according to the type of fabric, allowing the user to obtain perfectly dry and clean laundry.

The Hygienic Program ensures a longer and better life for clothing by eliminating more than 99% of bacteria from garments. Plus, with the 3-in-1 filter, performances are maintained at the highest level at every cycle, since lint and fibres are gathered together and not allowed to fluctuate inside the drum.

That’s not all, the I-Pro Series 7 Plus Tumble Dryer has a wide variety of connectivity features ready to amaze. With 13 basic programs plus additional programs available on the hOn app, it gives the flexibility to choose the best option for drying garments perfectly. In addition, maintenance gets easier than ever thanks to the highly technological solutions provided by this tumble dryer: the hOn app will be able to warn the user about the status of the appliance, and they’ll be able to check whether the water tank of I-Pro Series 7 Plus Tumble Dryer needs to be emptied or not. And with the Drying Lens function, which works by scanning the label of the clothes, users can also create a digital wardrobe and receive hints and tips about the most suitable drying cycle for their items.

A refined yet functional design full of premium details enriches this extraordinary machine too. Solutions like the Shoe Rack and the pillow drum have been specifically developed to take extra care of the articles in need of drying, enabling the tumble dryer to elevate the quality of the cycles.

Finally, the internal light simplifies loading and unloading operations, making I-Pro Series 7 Tumble Dryer easily accessible for everyday use, while the brushed silver dashboard design sets off a stylish look for this new laundry appliance.