Samsung sets out to create ‘the ultimate energy-efficient home’

Samsung revealed at IFA 2022 its vision of creating “the ultimate energy-efficient home” through advanced technologies and strategic partnerships, as the company sets its sights on becoming the number one energy-efficient appliance brand.

“As customers’ needs are shifting towards more energy efficient options, we are excited to meet those needs by delivering the latest energy-saving, smart appliances,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

“By leveraging efficient appliances with the synergistic features of SmartThings, we are planning to offer a truly energy efficient home experience like never before.”

With the introduction of SmartThings Home earlier this year, Samsung laid the foundation for creating a truly efficient home. Combining connected appliances with services such as SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, users are able to maximise energy savings, through optimisations.

For some of Samsung’s washing machines, SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode optimises laundry cycles with technologies such as AI Ecobubble (left), which cuts energy by washing clothes with cold water while still delivering powerful cleaning.

Elsewhere, certain Samsung refrigerators benefit from SmartThings connectivity by adjusting temperatures based on door opening patterns and compressor speed, saving users up to 30 per cent by the end of the year – through compressor and Defrost AI algorithm and maintaining a higher average internal temperature in the refrigerator.

Samsung has set a goal of ensuring, by 2023, 100 per cent of major appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines will be Wi-Fi enabled and SmartThings integration capable.

Beyond appliances, with Qcells, Samsung has developed the Net Zero Home, a truly energy-efficient home capable of generating and storing sustainable energy from solar panels to power the latest Samsung appliances, all controlled by SmartThings.

Committing to energy efficiency through durability

Also included in the Korean brand’s vision for energy-efficient products is the backing of the company’s advanced Digital Inverter Technologies (DIT). Built on more than 25 years of research and development, DIT affects everything from energy efficiency to performance as well as the durability of major appliances.

By offering a 20-year warranty for Digital Invertor Motors and Digital Inverter Compressors, Samsung is making a further commitment to reduce waste and promote energy efficiency. Users can also register for a five-year warranty on the entire product, giving extra peace of mind.

IFA 2022: Samsung and Patagonia

Collaboration to create cleaner technologies

In its latest projects, Samsung is also collaborating with companies with like-minded eco-conscious goals. With Patagonia, the brand has developed washing machine technologies to cut microplastic pollution produced from laundry by 54 per cent. The new machines are slated for release in September, but Samsung said that all its connected washers will also gain access to this course by the end of the year through updates.