Russell Hobbs launches brand new Series laundry care range

Russell Hobbs has announced it has launched a brand-new laundry care range which includes; a new washing machine, a heat-pump dryer and a condenser dryer.

The Russell Hobbs Series range is set to impress, featuring 15 different programmes to achieve outstanding cleaning and drying – it also includes eco-friendly technology to “ensure laundry days are kind to the planet”.

Marc Duckworth, Product Manager at Product Care Group, said: “We’re thrilled to be expanding our popular laundry care range with a brand new washing machine and dryers.

“We all know that tackling the dreaded laundry pile can be a hefty task, and our new laundry care range has been designed to make the process easier than ever. With each machine boasting of 15 programmes to choose from, this range achieves outstanding results!”

Its Series Washing Machines are available in 6kg, 8kg and 9kg models and in either a black or white finish.

It includes features such as; handy spin and variable temperature options. It also includes programme that mean the consumer can delay start and pause.

Each washing machine also has an allergy safe programme that helps to reduce allergens and bacteria.

The Russell Hobbs Series Washing Machine range boasts of Eco-Logic and Eco-Release technology to reduce the consumers impact on the environment by saving on time, energy, and water, alongside reducing detergent loss.

Each model has a boomerang body to ensure that when running a cycle both noise and vibrations are reduced, making this appliance perfect for users who have an open-plan space. The child-lock function also ensures that if any buttons are pressed, the programme will not be disturbed.

The Russell Hobbs 11 Series Heat Pump Dryer has a 9kg drum capacity and is available in two colourways. This heat pump tumble dryer uses less energy than a traditional dryer, helping users save up to 87p for every full cotton load.

It also includes an express 34-minute cycle for users in a hurry and a jeans programme, designed for heavier garments.

The heat pump dryer also offers a cupboard dry programme to remove creases and wrinkles from garments, for consumers who want to avoid ironing, alongside a 20-minute shirt cycle.

The Russell Hobbs 11 Series Condenser Dryer, which has a B energy ranking, collects moisture from garments as they dry, storing it inside a container within the machine which can easily be emptied, allowing users to dry clothes efficiently without the need for an external vent.

It also includes settings for an express cycle for quick drying, to a specific lower temperature delicate fabric setting. The dryer features a sensor which automatically stops the cycle when optimal dryness has been achieved.