Ruark launches its R810, calling it a ‘reimagining of a design icon’

Ruark has launched its R810, a statement product designed to form the focal point of any room – Ruark said its new flagship model is “a radical reimagining of a design icon”.

The R810 is inspired by radiograms but it has been modernised for the streaming age; it is designed to take centre stage in any room and it features hi-res streaming, internet radio and analogue inputs.

“The inspiration for our original R7 and now R810 came from the beautiful Radiogram that my grandmother had in her home,” said Alan O’Rourke, Managing Director at Ruark. “As a kid when we visited, I would spend hours listening to radio stations, playing records and dancing. R810 is our most technically advanced product to date, but a loving homage to those radiograms of yesteryear.”

It comes in a precision formed trims and a polished chrome stand, it is available in soft grey or walnut. Made from fast-growing sustainable woods that are spliced and reconstituted.

For those that still love vinyl records and CDs, these mediums can also be enjoyed by connecting a turntable to the dedicated phono inputs or a CD ROM to the USB-C socket.

Additionally, with its HDMI ARC/eARC connectivity, connecting R810 to your TV is easy, taking the enjoyment of watching films and television to cinematic heights with its immersive audio performance.

R810 features a high-capacity linear power supply coupled to a 4.1 channel Class A-B discrete component amplifier. With a nominal rating of 180 watts, R810’s powerful build means your favourite songs are accurately and effortlessly reproduced.

It is also Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Apple Airplay 2 compatible – it also has a built-in Chromecast.