InSinkErator joins up with influencers to shout about the benefits of food waste disposers

InSinkErator has collaborated with social media influencers to increase the exposure of food waste disposers and to educate consumers on their waste-saving benefits.

Sharing a raspberry and white chocolate banana loaf recipe reel with their 193,000 Instagram followers, interiors influencer Sarah-Louise from No.17 House shows how easy it is to maintain a neat space while cooking, thanks to their InSinkErator food waste disposer. Sarah-Louise noted “We love to clean as we go, so to keep our kitchen tidy and free from waste, we InSinkErate it”.

InSinkErator has also partnered with food and fitness TikTok content creator, Alex, who explains to their nearly 270,000 followers that a food waste disposer is “a great alternative to composting to avoid those nasty food smells”.

Throughout the year, the food waste disposal brand plans to enlist a variety of content creators to further educate consumers on the benefits of investing in a food waste disposer. An InSinkErator disposer is a hygienic food waste solution for the kitchen, reducing food waste in the bin, especially where home composting is not possible. InSinkErator invented the food waste disposer over 90 years ago and today has a range of models to suit different family sizes and home cooking needs. For disposing of food waste safely and hygienically, an InSinkErator food waste disposer fits neatly under the sink, out of sight.

Sarah-Louise from No.17 House shows off her InSinkErator food waste disposer

Jamie Griffin, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager, EMEA at InSinkErator, said: “We are committed to providing lifestyle enhancing solutions, which promote hygiene in the kitchen, are convenient to use and are safe within the home.

“We plan to continue raising awareness of our food waste disposers with consumers specifically through TikTok. This drives more engagement than other social media platforms, as well as showing users more relevant posts, based on their interests, especially for our core demographic, with 68 per cent of users inspired to discover more about a brand, or product, they’ve seen on TikTok.

“Given those ads on the platform are now more memorable than TV ads, we also have a focused influencer and paid strategy to reach new audiences, increasing awareness of InSinkErator products. By educating new audiences, we hope our retail partners witness an increase in requests for alternative solutions to manage food waste in the home.