Iceking celebrates its 25th year by introducing brand new American style fridge freezer

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Iceking brand and to celebrate they have released a brand new American side by side fridge freezer, the IK436W.

Features include a fresh and minimalist design, total no frost, LED strip lights in the fridge, internal electric controls and a spacious capacity of 436 litres, all at a competitive price.

Wes Butler, Product Manager said “We are absolutely delighted to mark this milestone anniversary by expanding the range with our new side by side. Iceking is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality, and this model encompasses these values and more. It’s also keeping us firmly as the go-to, much loved refrigeration brand in the market, with every category covered”.

Founded in 1995 by siblings Annabelle, Adrian and Robert Gillman, the brand, originally entitled ‘King’, has gone from strength to strength. This year has been no exception, with them seeing record sales from the beginning of the year.

Adrian reflects on how far they have come. “We started the brand in 1995, when very few people were doing what we were doing. We knew there was a demand for a wider range of energy efficient refrigeration with competitive pricing, but sourcing our own products was new territory for us. We started out by visiting factories abroad and seeing the quality and production lines and went from there”.

The initial offering was a range of chest freezers and four undercounter models, all sourced from Italy and Denmark. “Our first ever order was for 3,500 units. It was a big order for us at the time, and a substantial risk too. Thankfully it was well received in the first year, and by our third year of trading we had sold well over 10,000 units”.

This growth persuaded the family to make their first of three moves into larger premises alongside D.A.D. They went from a 7,000 square foot warehouse in 1995 to a 70,000 square foot warehouse in 2000, then to 90,000 square feet in 2006 and finally to where they are now in Ashchurch, Gloucestershire. Their warehousing now is around 160,000 square feet and Iceking has it’s own dedicated wing which was built in 2013.

From those first few products, our range has expanded to offer a full complement of refrigeration, including freestanding and integrated units, table tops and of course our signature chest freezers,” says Robert. “They are products that, once sold, we very rarely hear about again, which proves how reliable they really are”.

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