The BeoLab 90 loudspeaker has been released as a celebration of Bang & Olufsen’s 90th anniversary this year.

It is fitted with Active Room Compensation technology, which optimises performance to the listener’s room, compensating for furniture, speaker placement of the loudspeakers and where the listener is sitting. The BeoLab 90 also allows users to change the width of the sound beam to suit different listening situations. The wide sound setting also provides a cinematic experience.

The speaker has been given a unique look, with no apparent visual ‘front’. The 360-degree design is based on an aluminium cabinet that weighs more than 65kg. Black fabric covers are said to ‘hover’ over the front of the speaker and the curved wooden base lifts the large structure off the floor.

The loudspeaker is available now in selected Bang & Olufsen stores and is priced at £26,995.
Bang & Olufsen: 0118 969 2288