Bosch goes XL with four new fridge-freezers

Bosch has launched not just one… but four extra-large freestanding fridge-freezers.

The manufacturer said it is on a mission to keep food fresher for longer by launching the Serie 4 KGN864IFA, Serie 6 KGN86AIDP, Serie 6 KGB86AIFP and French-door style Serie 8 KFF96PIEP.

Key features across the range include Perfect Fit, which facilitates flexible installation by negating the need for ventilation space around the appliance (usually required to help reduce power consumption). The benefit is that the fridge-freezer can sit snug against the wall and/or furniture to create a sleek, seamless look that was once reserved for integrated appliances.

Clockwise from top left: Serie 4 KGN864IFA, Serie 6 KGN86AIDP, Serie 6 KGB86AIFP, and Serie 8 KFF96PIEP French-door

Another function featured across the new cooling collection is VarioZone. This allows you to remove shelves from the fridge or drawers from the freezer compartment to create extra space for taller items. The new models also feature a BigBox frozen food drawer in the freezer. Measuring 26cm deep, BigBox is brilliant for bulky foods that are too big for standard-sized freezer compartments.

Valerie Posner, Category Manager Cooling, BSH Home Appliances, commented: “We are so pleased to introduce our new XXL fridge-freezers and especially our new French-door style, they are a fantastic addition to our Bosch cooling range. The current trend to shop for more food less often means you now have the perfect fridge–freezer to accommodate all your groceries. Plus, thanks to Easy Storage and our vitaFresh food freshness system, you can now see your items more easily, knowing that Bosch will be keeping even more of your food fresher for longer.”