Bluestem Group unveils its Wall PTC Fan Heater from Igenix

Bluestem Group has unveiled its Wall PTC Fan Heater from Igenix, which features PTC heating elements that are self-regulating – this minimises the risk of overheating and lengthens the lifetime of the heater.

The heater also avoids energy wastage with its open window function, which monitors the temperature in the room and enters standby mode if the temperature decreases while heat is being emitted.

Users can press the quick start button to begin producing hot air immediately or use the weekly programme function to set the heater to turn on and off at specific times each day, which is ideal for ensuring the room is already warm and toasty when returning home after work or a chilly winter’s walk.

The LED digital display allows easy control over the heater’s three modes, two heat levels, as well as an array of other functions, and there’s also a remote control included for user convenience.

As well as keeping you warm in winter, this heater also has a fan function to keep you cool in the warmer months, making it an essential addition to your home all year round.