Sony 4K TV campaign set for glittering debut

Sony has launched an advertising campaign to showcase the picture quality of its new range of Sony Bravia 4K HDR TVs.

Shot in 4K, the ad was made by American director Andre Stringer, together with advertising agency DDB Berlin. It is shot in a derelict casino in Romania and uses 4,000 balloons filled with more than 1,500kg of glitter.

Sony also worked with US songwriter Tim Odell to rework Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colours for the campaign.

Sony said the ad aims to capture the “brilliance and beauty” of 4K HDR through the juxtaposition of white balloons and the colour of the glitter.

As well as the TV commercial, the campaign will include cinema, video on demand (VOD), digital, out of home and point-of-sale to convey its core message, “More Brilliance. More Beauty”.

Shuhei Sugihara, head of brand and product communication at Sony Europe, said: “Whether through our products, or through our marketing, our company’s philosophy is to satisfy people’s curiosity.

“Our new TV commercial continues Bravia’s legacy of adverts. From balls, bunnies and flower petals to balloons and glitter – Sony has always used striking colour and visual beauty to showcase its range of televisions. The creative direction of this footage was based on the same idea and we hope viewers truly feel something from this beautiful image, which uses a million glittery details to truly demonstrate the difference our 4K HDR TVs provide in terms of colour, contrast and detail.”

The campaign will launch in the UK, Ireland and Germany from the beginning of October.