Sirius marks the end of an era as Co-Founder Peter Gilks announces retirement

Peter Gilks, Co-Founder and Director at Sirius Buying Group, has announced he is retiring from the business. He said the Group’s upcoming UK trade show next month in Milton Keynes will be his last.

Mr Gilks established award-winning NE Appliances (formerly Nailsea Electrical) back in 1983, and has always been on the ground floor when it comes to product, service and distribution. Playing a key role in the co-creation of Sirius over the last 22 years, he took on the role of Director in 2005 to further the business operations within the Group.

Steve Jones, Managing Director at Sirius Buying Group, said Mr Gilks’s unique understanding of business comes from his grassroots leadership style as NE Appliances has evolved into a second-generation family-owned business.

“His ability to blend the traditional values of the high street with forward-thinking retail is a massive part of the Sirius community and we invite all our Members to bid him a final farewell at his last trade show next month.”

Mr Jones added: “I think it’s never been more true to say ‘you can take the man out of the showroom, but you can’t take the showroom out of the man’! Thank you for everything Peter, you will be missed!”

Upon the announcement of his retirement, Mr Gilks said he felt it was time to let the next generation of trailblazers take the lead to continue to ensure the independent electrical retailer remains a fundamental asset to the UK homeowner and property developer.

He went on: “It has been a huge privilege to help create such a supportive, loyal, and open-minded environment where Sirius Members and Suppliers can grow their businesses together. Every Member is highly valued and I have no doubt that with all the ongoing development plans, even more new and existing businesses will benefit from using Sirius as it continues to expand nationwide.

“I am really looking forward to the trade show; I will have the opportunity to give thanks and properly say goodbye to so many of my dear friends and colleagues.”

Gordon Jones, Chairman at Sirius Buying Group (pictured with Mr Gilks on the left), added: “Peter has played a key role in the growth and development of Sirius right from its early stages. His insight as an electrical retailer at the ‘sharp end’ of the business has been invaluable in developing the Group to where it is today.

“Can I say a personal thank you Peter for our close working relationship and friendship, along with your indefatigable sense of humour we have shared over the last 22 years!”

Mr Gilks will be succeeded by Phil Cox, Managing Director of independent retail business, Empire Kitchens and Appliances, as he takes on a Non-Executive Director role within the Group.