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Editor’s Comment: Recognising the need for change

You will notice there’s a bit of a theme to this latest issue of ERT. Not only do we have some important messages from our ERT Awards Sustainability Partners, but there’s also our special Eco Appliances feature and an interesting piece from AMDEA’s Paul Hide on the role of domestic appliances in achieving net zero homes.

Issues around climate change have never been more pertinent than right now. And sustainability is at the top of the agenda for almost everyone – companies and organisations of all sizes, right down to individual consumers.

British homeowners are still shaky on the facts around eco-friendly appliances, according to a survey by AMDEA, yet they know they want to do their bit to help combat climate change. Consumers increasingly expect brands and retailers to act responsibly and hold strong ethical standards, and a company’s “green” credentials now play a big factor in the decision-making process prior to purchase.

Transitioning to net zero is an increasing priority. Almost every single industry is now urgently looking at how they can reinvent their end-to-end value chains for a sustainable future. The electrical retail industry is no different. Manufacturers are recognising the need for change and coming up with clever new technologies all the time to help consumers be even more climate-conscious in their own homes.

Modern refrigerators and freezers, for example, keep food fresher for longer, to help prevent wastage, and the latest tumble dryer components ensure that these famously gas- guzzling machines use as little electricity as possible. Not only this, but manufacturers’ own factories and production methods are more responsible than ever before – from raw materials supplies, shipping methods, packaging and end of life recycling and material recovery.

There’s no denying that manufacturers’ targets of zero carbon footprint, closed loop water consumption and zero waste to landfill won’t just be achieved overnight. However, key processes and strategies are clearly in place now and as an industry we are already taking big strides forward.

Thanks to our ERT Awards Sustainability Partners for 2023. Find out more on pages 20-21

Consumers will continually look for ways to be more sustainable; small choices made every day can have a big impact on the planet. Whether it’s water usage or energy control or combatting food waste, home appliances are becoming so much better suited to assist in a “greener” future.

And many of these exciting, cutting-edge products and features can be discovered in this month’s Eco Appliances feature – from page 22 of this issue.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to our ERT Awards Sustainability Partners for 2023: AEG, AMDEA, Electrolux, The Appliance Recycling Group, and Zanussi. They are supporting our initiative to once again make the ERT Awards a completely carbon neutral event!

These brands demonstrate the responsibility to protect the world’s eco system, and I’m extremely pleased they have joined us on our sustainability journey for our event this year. Find out more and hear from the brands themselves in this issue on pages 20-21.

Jack Cheeseman – Editor –

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