Roberts announces firmware updates

Roberts has announced a firmware update for its Stream 93i and iStream 2 smart radios.

The update will take place over the next few days and improve functionality on both products.

On both models, the update includes improved audio quality of BBC internet radio streams (up to 320kbps at up to 48kHz sampling rate), the ability to catch up with recent broadcasts with on-demand listening and an improved music player that now supports the playback of Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) music files.

Stream 93i Roberts radio in white
Stream 93i Roberts radio

The Stream 93i also includes an easy-to-use kitchen timer, which can be used if the radio is either playing or in standby.

To receive the update, the models need to be connected to the internet and set to automatically check for new versions of software.

More information can be found here.