Mitchell & Brown to drive shoppers back to the high street with huge new marketing campaign

British TV brand, Mitchell & Brown, has launched its most ambitious consumer marketing campaign to date to support UK high streets and drive customers from supermarket aisles to their local electrical retail stores.

Its nationwide initiative aims to leverage the mass footfall in Morrisons supermarkets to drive customers into local electrical retailers.

With the first trial beginning this month, the Bolton-based manufacturer has placed thousands of 16-page TV brochures (pictured right), complete with a prominent discount code worth up to £100 off a Mitchell & Brown TV, in the checkout ‘pick-up’ zone of 17 Morrisons stores across the UK.

Over 70 Mitchell & Brown independent retailers are situated within the initial catchment areas of the promotion, with more stores likely to be included in the planned second and third wave expansions later this year.

“We are leveraging the high level of customer traffic in Morrisons supermarkets towards our retailer partners, as the customer demographic is ideal and Morrisons is one of the few supermarkets that does not sell TVs itself,” explains Dan Brown, M&B Operations Director.

“Every brochure is a potential sale for our retailers in the area surrounding each Morrisons supermarket, and the discount given on sales will be credited, ensuring retailers retain all our usual excellent margin.”

Mitchell & Brown has always championed the high street retail model and its loyal retailers, and it continues vocal support for initiatives like Business Rates reduction.

The brand’s TVs are available exclusively through independent retailers that share the same pride for their customer service as the Mitchell & Brown team. These dealers offer delivery, installation and ongoing support throughout the life of the product. And every M&B TV is backed by a seven-year guarantee that underpins the brand’s commitment to the customer’s TV ownership.

Having recently launched QLED smart TVs with Android TV OS and voice control via the remote, M&B TVs now offer the same level of technology, features and performance as models from the “big four” brands.

Adds Mr Brown: “Following this launch campaign we will analyse the resulting sales and retailer engagement; that will steer how we expand the promotion in its second and third waves later this year, to bring the promotion’s benefit to even more of our loyal retail partners.”