U2’s Adam Clayton helps tune latest Meters Music headphones

Audio manufacturer Meters Music has launched the new M-Ears in-ear headphones, created in collaboration with U2 bassist Adam Clayton.

The M-Ears are the latest addition to the Meters 2017 audio range, which began with the OV-1 headphones.

Talking about the collaboration, Mr Clayton said: “I love the team’s approach to sound. I’ve been using their bass amps in the studio and on tour with U2 for years now, and the sound I get from them is superb. So, I was very happy to work with them on the development and tuning of its new ‘M-Ears’ headphones.”

The Meters team created a “considerable” number of samples, each tuned differently and with varying performance characteristics. After testing them all, Mr Clayton chose the final version, which is now available as the Meters M-Ears.

“I listened to a whole range of samples they gave me for testing,” he added, “and eventually chose the version now launched as the M-Ears, because it had everything you want: precision, clarity and musicality.”

Meters chief executive Mark Gooday commented: “We collaborate closely on sound with the world’s finest musicians, so we know Adam well. When we decided to develop the M-Ears headphones, I knew the quality of his musicianship, and trusted his ears completely, so I asked him to advise and help determine the sound of the final design. The results are every bit as good as I’d hoped.”

The M-Ears sport smart leather styling in three colours – black, tan and red. Costing just £49.99, they utilise magnets that clip the earbuds together when not in use, which are strong enough to hang around the neck for a tangle-free headphones experience.