LG adds Eurofins certification to ‘clear up 4K confusion’

LG Electronics has announced that all of the 4K HDR TVs in its 2017 OLED and UHD line-up have been certified by Eurofins, a leading quality assurance organisation.

The Korean technology giant’s products were the first to be approved under the Eurofins Digital Testing programme.

The certification is intended to show that LG’s 2017 4K TVs have the ability to offer dynamic 4K/Ultra HD and 4K HDR image rendering, as well as a wide BT.2020 colour gamut.

LG said the special logo would help to provide confidence to European consumers, as well as help to clear up some of the confusion surrounding 4K and UHD.

Brian Kwon, president and chief executive of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, said: “We are proud to announce that our 2017 4K HDR TVs have been recognised for their excellent performance and high degree of compatibility with a variety of inputs. This certification will help consumers in Europe make the right choice when shopping for a new 4K TV.”

Daniel Lim, director for TV product management, added: “We know that some of our competitors are trying to categorise 4K, but we believe the way they are doing it is not correct. HDR and UHD’s 10 dot was defined last year by DVB, which includes all HDR specifications. We believe, in the future, when we categorise 4K it should be combined with HDR to make it clear.”

Sales director Peter Booth said: “I think there is still a lot of confusion about 4K or UHD and whether they are the same thing. And I think it’s a duty for all manufacturers to make it simple.”