Hisense continues ‘Towards a Greener Future’ in 2022

Hisense has announced its commitment to reducing more than 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions by the end of the year.

In its new “Hisense, Towards a Greener Future” sustainability video, the company reveals how it reduced 76,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2021, through changes in its manufacturing systems.

To achieve its sustainability goals and build on last year’s results, the home electricals manufacturer said it recognises that a diverse strategy – implemented across B2B and B2C areas of the business – is required to fully become sustainable.

Focusing on “people-oriented, application-oriented”, intelligent development and sustainable empowerment, the company is dedicated to developing and producing cutting edge technology.

In the home appliance sector, it champions a “Green Design, Green Procurement, Green Manufacturing, Green Logistics, Green Recycling” strategy. To achieve this, Hisense will continue using environmentally friendly materials; will use solar energy as an alternative to the traditional high-pollution coal-fired power, simplify the production manufacturing process through the Rapid Thermal Cycle Injection technology; and add the marking of single‑use plastic products to increase the efficiency of utilisation of parts.

Howard Grindrod, Vice President at Hisense UK, said: “As a global business, we need to make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe the target set for 2022 is a first step to achieving this. We’re confident that by making changes to our B2B and B2C footprint across all global territories, we can begin to make a significant change for consumers now, and in years to come.”