John Lewis reports 50% increase in heated airers sales

John Lewis has reported that its sales of heated clothes airers have risen by almost 50 per cent; the number of dehumidifier sales has also tripled.

The retailer puts the increase in sales of these products down to customers looking at ways to cut back on their heating bills; it also reported an increase in sales of its portable heaters, heated blankets and throws.

Roshni Chauhan, an electrical buyer for John Lewis, said: “We’re seeing customers looking for savvy ways to manage their heating costs, with our range of energy-efficient products offering an ideal solution.

“We’re seeing heated clothes airers and dehumidifiers becoming the new air fryers. Both are great for helping dry laundry indoors, and cheaper to run than a traditional tumble dryer.”

If you haven’t managed to read our feature in the October edition of ERT magazine here is a link to it, it provides analysis of all the latest heating and air treatment products.

John Lewis explained that its heated airers, with a 300W options costs approximately 11p to run, it is a cheaper alternative to tumble drying.

It also reported that “the poster child” of energy saving, the air fryer, is still popular with customers – it is now in its third year of sales growth.