Caple offers consumers peace of mind with Caple Care scheme

Caple has announced it is offering its customers a free two-year Caple appliance guarantee which covers parts and labour and all warranties come under Caple Care.

The scheme it set up so when consumers come to the end of their two-year guarantee, they can extend this to a five-year warranty with a one-off payment or a monthly fee.

Natasha Paterson, Customer Service Manager at Caple, explained that the service was set up by Caple’s Service department.

“Caple Care helps us to review and evaluate enquiries more effectively for faster decision-making and better after-service. If a customer ever experiences any problems with an appliance and they need help, or we need to contact them, this speeds up the process,” said Ms Paterson.

The care plan includes kitchen furniture, taps and sinks, which are already covered under a standard five-year guarantee and a lifetime guarantee respectfully.

Miss Paterson added: “Caple created their free two-year guarantee to give customers confidence in the appliance purchasing process. All guarantees and warranties have been designed to protect the consumer and demonstrate the quality of Caple’s high-performance products and customer service.”